"so they may Beloved."

"so they may Beloved."

Beloved is your name. 

"Beloved we are God's children now." 1john 3:2

God planted a dream in our hearts to show women and girls in our community and beyond how loved they are. "this is my commandment, that you love one another as I have loved you."  John 15:12

 We sat in a coffee shop dreaming, sharing our hearts, piecing together His vision and humbly soaking in the fact that our heavenly father is drawing us close at this time so we might share a glimpse of His beautiful heart, His mighty, epic love for His Beloved.

His love that has no comparison. His love for us all.  

A couple of months later, and here we are, still a couple of dreamers with the father's love stirring inside of us.  Each day, we have been learning to walk in obedience to this dream, totally in awe of His ways.   You see as His love changes us, He changes our world.  His love changes everything.  All we have to do is be loved.  Sit in His love, read His love, know His love.  

We are so broken yet He is calling us to be loved.  Our brokenness cannot define us because we now know who we are; His beloved. We are defined by love. 

Our father takes broken people and calls them to be loved, so we can be love in a broken world.  It is in our acceptance of His love, and the recognition of who He is, who calls us Beloved, that we dream.  We dream of using everything He has given us to love others.  We dream to let the world know His love.  

The first dream He has put on our hearts is to show girls and women who are struggling in our community and beyond their worth, to show them they are loved. Although the world may be a broken place, with so many injustices and pain, that leave women and girls feeling worthless or anxious, we dream they will know their identity is not broken; they are beloved.  This is why we want to give girls and women in places of brokenness, boxes that show them they are loved; 'Beloved boxes."  These boxes are filled with shampoo bars, soap, toiletries and letters of love, truth and encouragement. 

We know that these boxes may not change the brokenness of the world, or situations many women face every day.  But knowing God's perfect, unfailing love can change the brokenness of our hearts, and His love is hope in the brokenness.    

Our dream is that these boxes show women their worth and value, provide dignity and bring hope, in times of despair. 

"so they may beloved."



The Father's Arms are Open Wide

The Father's Arms are Open Wide