Creating a new way...

Creating a new way...

Creating a new way…

Three of the biggest changes I have made…

  1. I am only using 100% natural fabrics (this is why the deeply rooted hair scarf prices are a little more than they were last season).

  2. I have switched to eco friendly packaging

  3. I have ensured even the thread, elastic and small product details are made from organic cotton and ethically made.

I am determined to find a way to make ethical, affordable products.

I’m going to be honest… this has been a confusing, eye- opening, frustrating and challenging journey.

I had so many questions: what does ethical really mean? What fabrics and processes are ethical?

It felt like every time I took one step forward I took about three back.


I would finally source some ethical thread and suddenly realise the packaging I was using was 100% plastic… it felt like and endless battle.

I spent hours educating myself, trying to source ethical fabrics, packaging and then came the challenge of creating products with limited resources.

I have come to realise when faced with “you can’t use …” my creativity is sparked to find a new way. The word ‘don’t’ has been the door to my greatest creativity.

However, sourcing ethically is pretty expensive and time consuming, I have to admit… this is not ideal for a 21 year old baker. Therefore, for me, starting a small ethical business should be almost impossible., and at time that is exactly how it feels.

I strive to be totally transparent and honest in everything I do. From the tread and elastic to the packaging, fabrics and creative processes, I try my best to take the most ethical route possible, even if it costs a little extra, I believe it is worth it.

I hope you will partner with me in creating a new way to make and buy the products we love.

All deeply rooted products are made using natural fabrics and materials, printed using non-toxic eco- friendly dyes. They are also designed and sewn by me in the deeply rooted studio.


I know this can mean slowing the process down and paying a higher price, but when I discovered fast and cheap means accepting a world with modern slavery, cheap quality and a disregarding of our responsibility to care for the environment; my stomach churned. I believe in a slower way that stands for freedom, justice and hopes for a better way.

Aimee x

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